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The governing body for first aid in the United Kingdom (UK) is the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). We also work to the European Resucitation Council (ERC) for our guidelines in resucitation.

If you have recently completed a first aid course the trainer would have informed you of useful information on our website. I have taken this opportunity to outline the points made. I hope you find this proves to be informative.

Kevin Chugg (Principal Trainer)

  • First Aid Manual (Latest Update including new resucitation guidelines) ISBN 1-4053-1573-3
  • Resucitation Key Ring (Tel: 020 7388 4678)
  • Laerdal Pocket Mask (Tel: 01689 876634)
  • Accident Book BI 510 ISBN 0-7176-2603-2 (Tel: 01787 881165)
  • Approved Code of Practice (Tel: 01787 881165)
  • Laerdal for catalogue (Tel: 01689 876634)
  • IPS Healthcare for catalogue (Tel: 0121 459 0670)
  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (Tel: 01787 881165)
  • For additional copies of the Handbook used, contact our Principal Trainer)



HSE Approval No. 9/03 Company No. 4579162

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